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Editing Services


    • Payment must accompany the manuscript in all cases.
    • The client assumes all shipping costs for hard copies, which I prefer. If it is necessary to conduct our correspondence electronically, the client will reimburse me for supplies as needed
    • For billing purposes, a typed, doublespaced page, 12-point Times New Roman, consists of approximately 300 words. Pages that exceed this limit substantially will be charged at a higher rate.

Short Pieces


$125 for 20 pages,

+$6 Each Additional Page


I will read and critique a short story, personal essay, memoir, or article of up to 20 typed doublespaced pages.

Manuscript Overview


$200 for Outline and First Chapter (up to 30 pages)


Initially, the writer submits a chapter and outline, up to 30 pages total, which I will read and critique for $200. If we both agree our collaboration seems fruitful, we will negotiate an additional fee to read and critique the entire manuscript.

Full Manuscript


$600-$800 up to 300 pages,

+25% for every additional 100 pages


I’ll return your manuscript with a written discussion and line-by line margin notes. A reasonable exchange of emails, to clarify specific points, would be included.

Any time you wish me to critique a subsequent, revised version of the manuscript, we will negotiate an additional fee. In most cases it would be less than the standard rate.

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